¡Gracias a todos!

The NM Progressive Coalition would like to thank all the community organizations that participated in the interview process, provided links to information, and gave feedback on issues and candidates.  Thanks for all your hard work, day in and day out, on the issues that we all support and the values we share.

And thanks to these citizens for volunteering for the PEA project. Their energy, enthusiasm and ideas have moved this project forward:

Project Leadership

Karen Bentrup – Team Leader

Flora Lucero

Anne McCormick

Arian Pregenzer

Dave Lang

Dimi DiSanti

Janice Hart

JD Mathews

Juan Abeyta

Mark Rudd

Richard Barish

Media Team

JD Mathews, Team Leader

Connie O’Mara

Flora Lucero

Lauren Meiklejohn

Margarita Mercure Hibbs


Web Design and Development

Adriana Ávila Media


http://www.adrianaavilamedia. com/

https://www.facebook.com/ AAvilaMedia/

https://twitter.com/ aavilamedia 


AND THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR VOTING – early voting starts May 19!


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