The NM Progressive Coalition is a group of progressive individuals and organizations dedicated to:

  1. Helping progressive groups and individuals better connect and communicate;
  2. Developing a grassroots draft progressive platform as a living document that can be used to inform future policy/electoral/party decisions;
  3. Transforming the Democratic party from within by getting more progressives involved in the party official election process at the ward, precinct, and state central committee levels; and
  4. Working with progressive partners to support a progressive policy agenda in the upcoming legislative session.

2017 NMPC Legislative Priorities

Address the state budget crisis by raising revenues rather than cutting public services.

We support progressive tax reform proposals such as making on-line out of state retailers pay the same taxes as local businesses; asking the wealthiest New Mexicans to pay the same percentage of their income in taxes as working families pay; and eliminating tax breaks for large out of state corporations.

Increase the minimum wage for working families.

We support raising the minimum wage to a living wage of $15 per hour, so working families can afford basic needs and not rely on public assistance.

Amend the state constitution to fund early childhood investment.

We support increasing the amount of funding drawn from the land grant permanent fund by 1 percent to fund investment in early childhood programs.

Regulate predatory lending.

We support capping interest rates for payday and title loans at 36 percent annual interest rates.

Extend solar tax credit.

We support extending the 10 percent tax credit on solar energy production.

Allow automatic voter registration.

We support a constitutional amendment to automatically register all eligible voters when they are issued a driver’s license.

Elect President by popular vote.

We support changing the state election code to enact the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, agreement among states to elect the president by national popular vote.

Enact moratorium on new charter schools.

We support a moratorium on the approval of new charter schools to provide time for evaluation of the capacity and success of current charter schools.

Legalize and tax marijuana.

We support raising revenue and prioritizing more urgent public safety needs by making cannabis legal, while regulating and taxing its production, distribution and consumption.

Provide Universal Access to Health Care.

We support enacting a comprehensive state-based health care system that provides universal access to all New Mexicans including reproductive and behavioral health.


To track legislation, find legislators and reports go to http://www.nmlegis.gov.
To find your legislator text (520) 200-2223 – enter your address and zip code.
The New Mexico Progressive Coalition (NMPC) is a collaboration of groups including Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), Our Revolution New Mexico, Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP), New Mexico Working Families Party (NMWFP), Valencia County New Progressives, Retake Our Democracy and hundreds of progressive New Mexicans.
For more information go to facebook.com/nmprogressivecoalition or email nmprogressivecoalition@gmail.com.